Thursday, February 8

A lot of things have been bothering me lately

You know what's wierd?... being shutup by your boyfriend whenever you make a comment. Yes, whenever I have been seeing obscene things lately and start to comment, he puts his hand over my mouth. I mean, there's usually other people in the room. But is it so ridiculous to go "ew" when there's "Gay Hard" thrusting girating his groin into some 4 year old's face (while in black leather hot pants). Apparently I'm too christian and it's just supposed to be "funny" so "lighten up".

Even in books in movies and there might be a characer who's kept his opinions to himself and when he finally stands up for himself, the crowd and reader cheer him on. Well I want to speak my mind and I don't want to be quiet.

What really gets me is when people bash Christianity, we're just supposed to sit there and take and, lest we have the audacity to speak up for ourselves, then we're just being "racist" and "judgemental" and "trying to control everyone". *sigh*


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