Thursday, December 7

Caridee Won!

Oddities of Oddities Google bought blogger.

Anywho yay! for Caridee. I love that girl...

I was so sure that Tyra would have Eugena in the top 2 just because she needed to "represent" or whatever, but shocked me when she chose Melrose. I loved the face of Caridee and Eugena when that happen. Like "No way! That bitch". But Melrose really did have some fabulous pictures and might have been one of the few human fashion encylopedias in the house.

Doesn't anyone else think that Caridee is like Adrianne from season 1, and Melrose is like Lisa from season 5?

Both Adrianne and Caridee have huge personalities, are tall and awkward and unafraid to be goofy. And both anything but dainty and both wanted it so bad. They both overcame huge obstacles (poorness and a skin disease). If you don't think so, go back and watch season 1. And Adrianne has been widly successful since then. I really, really hope Caridee does too.

Melrose and Lisa were both not the most gorgeous girls in the house (first impression of Lisa was and old, old rat). Both were not liked, hardly at all. They both knew their fashion stuff backwards and forwards and they both turned out some suprisingly amazing pictures. besides all that, they both lost.


Anonymous antm&me said...

i said life threating
i know she had a skin diease
sorry if we afended you but we just didnt want her 2 win
but she over it

please keep on reading are blog

peace & love from april

11:17 AM  
Blogger Americas next top model & me said...

hey u got ur first comment
oh and now ur second
ur getting popular

5:42 PM  

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