Tuesday, December 19

Shut up, Parents

In the days of kings and queens, couple got married in their teens. Ignore the short life span, the famines, and the arranged marriages because the one positive thing is that they didn't have to suppress their sexual feelings for very long. I mean, about the time that they started wanting some whoopy, they got it. There was no coersion about waiting for some 10 years before you got married or some crazy crap.

I think today's society is the "ideal christian environment". We have to wait longer and longer until we get married, ie sex. And it's hard to supress something like that, if you've got a good head on your shoulders or not, it's a little difficult to ignore a natural instinct that seems so wonderful and misterious. It's like a pandora's box.

Oh, and don't even let me get started when the parents get angry about it. First of all, it's none of their business, second they more than likely didn't wait until marriage or were perfect angels. That whole "Do as I say do, not as I do" is bullshit.


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